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Why You?

As a designer with an MBA, I know exactly how web design and web development decisions will either decrease costs or increase revenue for you. And, as importantly, which resources can be optimized.

About web design POP, Ltd. Co.

Q:  “What do you do and how can you help me?”

A:  I build web sites and single-page apps that are marketing solutions. I use WordPress a lot. I save you time. I find opportunities to make you more money. More and more, your web presence is carrying that responsibility.

Installing a WordPress website is easy. It’s what comes next that’s a little more complicated and time-consuming.

It takes years to become a WordPress expert, because it’s a dynamic piece of software that relies on many ever-changing variables.

I work with small & medium-sized business owners who want a website set up for them fast, optimized in every way, and made ready to simply hit the “on” button.

  • CMS: WordPress.
  • Responsive: Yes. Any device, any screen size.
  • Accessible: Yes.
  • Security: Tight.
  • SEO: Optimized.
  • Analytics: Installed, connected and optimized.
  • Menu System: Created and installed.
  • Sitemaps: Submitted.
  • Google, Bing, Alexa + more: Verified, authorship connected and site submitted for indexing. Yahoo! also.
  • Social Media: All your social media accounts connected.
  • Browser support: All the majors and IE back to IE9.


  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Themes & Child Themes
  • Logo/Header Designs
  • Monthly maintenance
  • On-call maintenance contracts

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I’m Michael, and I run the place. I have a dog named Annie, a cat named Rebecca and a wee daughter named Cecelia. We all live in Louisville.

michael musgrove and annie dog


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I’m always looking for exciting new projects. If you need help with your website or have hit the wall with WordPress, please contact me. If you’re reading this on your phone, you can either

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